Guys That Lack Motor Skills(z)  

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It's another Friday (Thursday) writing. Here you go. It's not really fiction so I'm just gonna post it below:

Is there such a thing as being too cool for your own good? It’s a question that has been on my mind as we return to class. I see you, walking in with your hat with the sticker still on and your shirt and your clothes. Some say the clothes make the man but I say the man makes the clothes. Or at least sweatshop workers make the clothes for the man. That’s probably the closest to reality. Anyways, your hat with the stupid sticker. What does the sticker do? Does it signify how much you spent to look stupid? Does it show that you don’t have the motor skills to peel off a sticker? If that’s the case, doesn’t it also show that you shouldn’t be allowed in college?

There comes a time when we must all consider our place in life. You may think that comparing yourself to others is the worst way to do this, but I would say that, compared to you, I am a genius. If I had to place myself on the cool scale, I would put myself somewhere between the guy who wears girl jeans and the guy who wears the huge white tee-shirts. Funnily, I have seen both ends of the spectrum keep the sticker on their hats. Must have been a problem with schooling then. They were never taught how to hold on to stickers without having them stick to their fingers. Now they have stickophobia, a word I did not make up. Prove me wrong.

As previously established, there are two ends to the cool spectrum, neither of which is actually cool. The girl jeans guys (to be called from now to eternity Hipsters) and the big white shirt guys (to be called from now to eternity Guys With Big White Shirts On) are so opposite of each other that they are practically the same. You can see this phenomenon demonstrated in anything where there are two distinct sides of the same coin. The real question is whether the Democrats are Hipsters or Guys With Big White Shirts On.

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